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When it comes to top-notch supplements, you cannot go wrong with Apeiron Elementals. Our supplements are based on clinical experience spanning over fourteen years which means that you have the guarantee of being safe and effective. We believe in a different approach to health and wellness known as systems-based precision lifestyle medicine. This is a wellness approach that focuses on all aspects of an individual’s life as opposed to the traditional symptoms-based approach. One of our founders, Dr. Daniel Stickler, is a pioneer in this field, and his clinical protocols as well as lectures have helped to shape this new and exciting approach to health and wellness. If you are wondering about the ingredients that go into our products, check out some of our most popular listed below.

What Ingredients Go into Our Products?

Apeiron Elementals uses top-quality ingredients in our products to assure you of achieving your health and wellness goals. Here are several of the significant ingredients explained:

  • Spermidine - This naturally occurring compound has been shown to support cellular growth as well as DNA stability. Studies have shown a correlation between higher consumption of this compound and increased life expectancy. Spermidine is a key ingredient in our AEON Longevity Formula.
  • Ca-AKG – Research shows that this compound, also known as Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate Monohydrate, is very effective at shielding your body from free radicals which are known to be a factor in the aging process. The compound has also been shown to improve the elasticity of blood vessels and thus help to increase cellular energy.
  • Alpha-GPC (Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine - NON SOY) – One of the most bioavailable forms of choline, which can enhance levels of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter in the brain. There are several genetic variants that can result in a significantly lower production of choline and supplementation can be beneficial.
  • DHH-B (dihydrohonokiol-B) – A variant of honokiol derived from magnolia bark. It is a natural anxiolytic supplement most often used for reducing anxiety and stress, improving brain health, and allowing for better sleep. It is 20x the strength of Magnolia Bark (honokiol), a natural ingredient used for centuries in traditional medicine.
  • MitoPrime™ - Also known as L-Ergothioneine, this compound helps to reduce oxidative stress and thus helps to protect DNA and mitochondrial function. This has the overall effect of improving cognitive functions, helping you to focus better and experience less anxiety.
  • MitoBurn™ L-BAIBA (β-aminoisobutyric Acid) - A patent-pending amino acid metabolite of L-valine, triggered by the PGC-1a protein from exercising muscles. It has been shown to enhance the body's exercise signal to intensify exercise efforts, promote mitochondrial function and improve cellular energy. L-BAIBA can increase ketones, promote muscle protection, improve cognition and reduce appetite.
  • Fucoxanthin - A special carotenoid with many bioactivities. The results of animal studies show that fucoxanthin has potential value in preventing and treating lifestyle-related diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic diseases. Fucoxanthin is proved to have no side effects and can be easily extracted from macroalgae and microalgae
  • Dihydroberberine – Studies have shown dihydroberberine to be effective for maintaining healthy blood glucose levels and improving insulin sensitivity. It has also been proven to assist in lipid (fat) metabolism as well as having a positive effect on blood vessels. For this reason, it is an active ingredient in products that assist in improving physical performance as well as weight loss.
  • Magnesium Glycinate & Threonate – The glycinate form of magnesium can boost glycine levels which can be beneficial in people carrying genetic variants of the GAD1 gene that may result in difficulty falling asleep. This combination of magnesium and glycine has been a consistent best seller for us and a favorite of many of our clients. Our Magnesium Threonate features magnesium L-threonate (as Magtein®), the only form of magnesium known to cross the blood-brain barrier. Complemented by highly absorbable Albion® di-magnesium malate and TRAACS® magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate, this formula is designed to boost the brain’s magnesium level to support brain health and promote healthy nervous system functions.
  • CurcuPrime - Studies have shown that this compound has a positive effect on multiple areas of the body. For example, it has been shown to improve the functionality of the digestive tract, leading to improved gut health. It also improves cardiovascular health by reducing inflammation and lowering cholesterol levels. CurcuPrime can reduce the buildup of plaque in the arteries, which combined with its cholesterol-lowering properties, helps in reducing the occurrence of blood clots in the cardiovascular system.

 Why Use Apeiron Elementals’s Supplements?

Apeiron Elementals is proud to supply safe and effective supplements for our customers. Our products use clinically tested compounds to deliver a variety of all-around health benefits that will keep you functioning at your highest. You can use our products with the peace of mind that they are manufactured using the highest industry standards. Our packaging is also designed to protect your supplements from any tampering, ensuring that they are safe and sterile from our manufacturing plant to your medicine cabinet. We are also happy to offer free standard shipping for US domestic orders over $150. This, added to our competitive prices, guarantees you excellent value for your money.

For more information about our supplements, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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