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Apeiron Elementals offers a curated collection of custom formulated and industry favorite wellness products that will help you achieve your health goals. Based on extensive research and the latest technology, we are committed to ensuring that you get all the benefits that you seek from our products. Our commitment to your wellbeing extends to the safety of our products and we work hard to ensure that you can use any of our products with confidence and peace of mind. Here is what you need to know about the science behind our products.

How Our Products Are Rooted In Scientific Research

In 2009, we were working in clinic with patients at our wellness centers. During that time Dr. Stickler and team saw many patients with a variety of health goals and challenges. Over time, protocols and outcomes provided data that could be used to improve the quality and precision of inputs. This data helped Dr. Stickler and the other providers discover more efficient supplementation and impactful lifestyle modifications. Throughout this period, we sought to find individual solutions and focused on creating precision tailored supplements using cutting-edge technology.

However, we soon realized that there were commonalities among the many different individuals whom our products had been specifically tailored for. We understood that these health and wellness benefits that cut across different individuals could also help the wider community. This was the basis of Apeiron Elementals. Since our inception in 2018, all our products have  been rooted in extensive research and scientific evidence.

How Our Research Assures You of Safe And Effective Products

At Apeiron Elementals, we believe that one cannot change what one cannot measure. For this reason, all of our products are grounded on extensive scientific research that is constantly being updated. For example, our AEON Longevity Formula is a product that is based on the new and exciting compound known as Spermidine. This naturally-occurring compound has been shown to support cellular functions and slow down the effects of aging. Spermidine is just one of the many cutting-edge products that assure you of top-notch results when you use our anti-aging formula.

Our founders are also pioneers in the new area of systems-based precision lifestyle medicine which seeks to move away from the traditional symptoms-based approach. This new approach to health and wellness seeks to optimize functionality and wellness across all aspects of your life.

 Why Use Apeiron Elementals Health And Wellness Products?

Our formulations are not only based on current industry research, but also 15 years of hands on anecdotal and empirical data gathered by our team in clinic. In addition, we have a friendly-customer centric website that makes it easy to find information about any of our products. Information, ingredients and dosing guidance can be found both on our site and our labels for your convenience. For orders above $150, we offer our customers free standard shipping, making it even more cost-effective to use our supplements.

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